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We are Human Resources Professionals who specialise in connecting businesses with the right HR Service providers.

HR Services

We cover all HR related services and products and are constantly seeking best in class HR Services providers.

Client Exposure

Let us introduce you to potentially new clients as they look for new HR services support.

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We would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your HR Services. Online video meetings can be scheduled below 

Benefits of working in partnership with Linq HR

What are some examples of HR Services which have been engaged?

These are just a sample of where HR Service providers were identified and engaged by various businesses. Specialised Engineers recruitment (HVAC and Electronic), first time introduction of employee electronic timekeeping solution (for 36000 employees, multiple sites), first time online cloud based employee engagement survey (1000 employees), new senior management leadership coach, targeted psychometric testing as part of the recruitment process for sales people, relocation for international executive and family returning to Australia, background screening of new recruits, workplace investigation into theft of compensation information, compensation data for CEO pay analysis and comparison, consultancy to assist with designing a HR share service model. 

We have a salesforce already in place. Why would we need any assistance from Linq HR?

It often takes many different ways to win new business. Join our Human Resources community. As Human Resources Specialists we can understand your services from a HR delivery perspective.  As we interact with HR professionals and business leaders to scope their HR Services requirements we are constantly evaluating supply capabilities.

We are the best in our field. Why can't you just recommend us?

No two HR Suppliers are the same so its important companies meet with a variety of potential providers. Meeting with a potentially new client may be the first sales effort required therefore shortening the sometimes long sales process.

How do we know we are performing to the right level?

Linq HR maps and records benchmark data from both HR providers and clients. Relevant feedback is shared with both parties on a regular basis. Any deficiencies in service levels can be quickly identified allowing time for adjustments.

Are there opportunities to be involved in projects?

Mostly companies source for ongoing HR services but there are opportunities where companies require support on a project basis. This can be during scaling up or down, working from a new location, during take overs and mergers, and supporting change programs.

What is the best way to get in contact with Linq HR?

Call and speak with us is often the best way. We can meet and hear more about your HR offerings and always happy in return to share our HR related views.

What does Linq HR look for in HR Service providers?

We look for quality HR service providers. When we evaluate HR providers we look for a range of items starting with the basic business requirements of registrations, insurances, work location, and qualified or experienced staff.  At the more advanced levels we can evaluate on the basis of delivery and performance against HR benchmarks. Just like our clients are all different so to are HR Service providers. So we like to find the uniqueness in every HR Service provider.