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Support your Greatest Asset, your People

Labour often costs between 40-60% of a companies overall budget.

Developing and managing an effective workforce can be the most challenging part of a business.

As Employment Specialists we assist in the effective management of workforces.

Everybody benefits from a reliable, knowledgeable and skilled workforce delivering superior customer outcomes.

How to Survive and Accelerate out of a Tight Labour Market in Australia

Linq HR provides generalist and specialist employment services based on the needs of each client.

Our experience is real and an extension of working in businesses, with leaders and the workforce, and not just from advising based solely on theory and the latest legislation.

Industries currently supported include Supply Chain and Logistics, Technology (hardware and software), Telecoms, Manufacturing, FMCG, Childcare, and Utilities

The Human Resources function exists across all industries and we would welcome to extend our support across your industry as well.

Ways we have recently helped Companies

Areas of employment advice and expertise include;

HR Advisory (at Corporate and Operations Levels)

Temporary Head of HR role Cover

HR Business Partnering

Employee Relations

Talent Acquisition (Recruitment)

Executive Leadership

Employee Development (Training)

Performance Management

Compensation and Benefits

HR Policies and Procedures

Payroll Administration

Change Management

Mergers and Acquisitions


Domestic and International Business Set-up and Growth

HR Technologies

No business grows sustainably without motivated, engaged and retained employees. These types of employees aren't produced naturally and need development and support.

Every client has varying needs depending on the makeup and structure of their workforce, type of industry, work performed, whether union or non-unionised, business plan ambitions, business cycle position, private or publicly listed, locations domestically or internationally, in start-up or at a mature stage,  and many other variables.

We can support existing HR teams, and provide on-site or remote HR assistance as required.

Where Linq HR can't service a clients needs directly ourselves then we can engage our HR network of qualified HR vendors.

We can solve all your workforce management needs. 

Call us today at 1300234566 to discuss your challenges.

Companies that have trusted our experience

Schneider Electric
Alinta Energy
United Energy
General Motors Australia
ANZ Bank