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Welcome to Linq HR, where the nexus of challenges and solutions converges, trust is forged, success is nurtured, and innovation thrives. In today's dynamic corporate arena, success pivots on the individuals propelling innovation and driving growth. Managing this invaluable asset, often representing a significant portion—40-60% or more—of your budget, is paramount.

Our journey commenced with a singular mission: enhancing workplace performance by seamlessly connecting businesses with top tier Human Resources vendors through our HR Vendor Selection service. Evolving from this core mission, Linq HR took a quantum leap forward, extending our expertise to assist companies and HR professionals in discovering talent essential for success through our transformative Career Selection service.

While our Career Selection service zeroes in on identifying the right talent, our Vendor Selection service independently sources the most suitable HR vendors, amplifying delivery efficiency, driving cost-effectiveness, and ensuring effective HR delivery for your workforce.

At Linq HR, our comprehensive Employment Workplace Advising services continually evolve to meet the dynamic needs of businesses in a complex and competitive labour environment.

For clients embracing our ongoing services, we transcend traditional HR boundaries. We scout future talent and assemble high-performing teams across diverse sectors, including FMCG, Supply Chain Logistics, ICT (Software and Hardware), Human Resources Professionals, and Start-ups. Linq HR shares extensive Employment Workplace expertise and commercial insights gleaned from global experience with leading companies and HR service providers.

Make Linq HR your trusted HR Partner. Our commitment to core values ensures not only expert HR support but also a transformative and ethical approach precisely tailored to meet your business's unique needs.

Welcome to a new era of business success.

Darren Cutts 

Employment Specialist and Founder

Why we are good at finding the right HR services for businesses

HR Knowledge

Over 30 years of HR knowledge developed from working within companies and HR suppliers, across industries and across the globe.

HR Benchmarks

We build, monitor and track benchmarked data on both businesses and HR suppliers. This allows for improvement across all aspects of HR services.

HR Market Visibility

We  understand and source from over 20 HR services including Recruiters, Training providers, Payroll and Safety Systems.


We work solely for companies therefore operate independent of all HR suppliers.