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Human Resources Career and Vendor Selection

Our Expertise : Human Resources Career and Vendor Selection

Every business is built around people. 

Every business with people has problems to solve and every problem has a solution.

Linq HR was established around assisting people in the workplace deliver (as leaders) and receive (as employees) effective HR services from the HR marketplace (Vendors). We call this our HR Vendor Selection service.

As a natural evolution from our beginnings Linq HR also assists companies and HR Professionals select their own future career moves. We call this our HR Career Selection service.

Our Career Selection is guided by a number of Principles;

a) Fit - We support finding the right quality candidates for each role

b) Speed - We encourage and support efficient and timely recruitment processes
c) Community - We endeavour to continually keep abreast of community standards
d) Knowledge - We ensure our HR and Staffing knowledge is always up to date

Our Vendor Selection is guided by being an Independent and Trusted Partner, Value, Reliability, and HR Knowledge.

Our overall Human Resources services continue to evolve as businesses continually look for ways to improve their HR delivery and employee experiences.

At Linq HR we share our extensive HR expertise and commercial knowledge gained by having worked within both companies and HR service providers across multiple industries and across the globe.

Let us help you find and engage the right HR services for your organisation.

If you are a HR/People Professional then we would cherish the opportunity to assist you with your future Career moves.

Darren Cutts

Managing People Consultant and Founder

Why we are good at finding the right HR services for businesses

HR Knowledge

Over 30 years of HR knowledge developed from working within companies and HR suppliers, across industries and across the globe.

HR Benchmarks

We build, monitor and track benchmarked data on both businesses and HR suppliers. This allows for improvement across all aspects of HR services.

HR Market Visibility

We  understand and source from over 20 HR services including Recruiters, Training providers, Payroll and Safety Systems.


We work solely for companies therefore operate independent of all HR suppliers.