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The 2024 Wanderers Masters Friendly Hockey Tour 
Hong Kong
Friday 13th to Tuesday 17th September (3 matches)

A fun way to end your season with an overseas friendly Masters hockey tour.

Get ready for three full matches played over 5 days during Friday 13 to Tuesday 17th September 2024

Open to Masters players of all levels whether elite looking for a bit of fun from the serious, intermediate who can hold their own on the field, or enthusiastic amateur always having a go.

Assembling a squad of 16 players.

You'll have the freedom to organise your own travel, accommodation, and travel insurance (recommended), and don't forget those playing uniforms (both dark and light). Just make sure you're there an hour before each match, ready to hit the field. Playing grounds are likely to be in Happy Valley which is on Hong Kong Island.

And hey, it's not just about hockey—use it as your perfect excuse to explore the vibrant markets, attractions, and delicious food of Hong Kong with your fellow touring teammates or even bring along your family for the adventure (

This awesome Masters Hockey Friendly Tour is being organised  by Darren Cutts. Got any questions or just want to chat about the tour? Feel free to reach out to Darren at 0433566126 or drop him a message at Can also check out the FAQ's below. He's here to help make this inaugural tour amazing.

Why this tour?

Purpose of this tour is simply to experience travel and playing overseas in a 'friendly' format. This year against the Hong Kong Masters teams. Its a chance to explore and experience the excitement of Hong Kong, its markets, sites, and food. Great chance to bridge friendships across Club, States and Internationally.  Masters Hockey players across all Clubs and States are welcome to join. If this tour format proves popular then it would be great to visit other countries as an annual post season tour.

Does this tour date clash with Finals?

The dates for Friday 13th to Tuesday 17th September was selected based on the gap between the Victoria Mid-week Masters Final on Wednesday 11th September, school holiday times (more expensive travel), Hong Kong October 1 public holiday (limited accommodation) and the start of the Hong Kong Winter Hockey season (pitch availability). Victoria and some other States have Premier League finals over this same weekend.

How much will it cost to travel and stay in Hong Kong?

You have the freedom to organise your own travel and accommodation therefore working to your chosen budget. Flying to Hong Kong can range from as low as $600 on Scoot to $1200 on Cathay Pacific for a direct flight. Google Flights is a great way to check flight schedules and prices.  Staying on Hong Kong Island is more expensive than staying on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong. Comfortable accommodation in a western hotel is around $200 per night on Hong Kong Island. Can check prices at booking. com Use the map view to see and compare all hotels.  Buddying up is a good way to save on costs. The MTR (Trains), Trams and Taxis are cheap and very reliable so staying on the Kowloon side of HK can be a good alternative for some cheaper accommodation options. It is a lot more local on the Kowloon side in that there is less English used but a great way to immerse yourself into HK.

Are there any other costs?

HK have not indicated any costs for pitch hire or umpires and will ask for them to confirm. Given they are very kindly hosting then I'd suggest we consider buying them some beers after a match or present them with a token of our appreciation at the end for the effort on their side for hosting and organising. Split across the team this won't be expensive. I will keep everybody up to date on this as the time gets closer. You will need to factor in food and drink costs. Food and transport in Hong Kong can be cheap. Alcohol can also be cheap (7 eleven/Welcome Supermarket) or expensive (at the bars). We have the option of having a playing uniform (dark and light) printed. This could double as a memento of the trip. There are no costs for the organising of this tour - that's totally voluntarily and a total pleasure to do. Exchange rate is around HKD5.2 for $1.

Where is the hockey pitch located in Hong Kong?

Yet to be confirmed but most likely our matches will be played at Happy Valley which is on Hong Kong Island. It is an awesome venue in the middle of the Hong Kong Jockey Club race track and amongst highrise buildings. The Hong Kong Football Club is also located at the same location. If required then some matches may need to be played in Kowloon. All pitches are easily accessible via the MTR (underground train). Here is a google map link to the HK Jockey Club where the main fields are The hockey fields range in quality from great to average. The main pitches are heavily used each week but are still better than Koonung and the old Powerhouse pitch (for those from Melbourne as a comparison).

Will the matches be competitive?

Hong Kong is a melting pot of hockey players from all over the world. They have a large and very skilful Indian hockey population, as well as solid players from Pakistan, UK, Ireland, Netherlands and of course the Aussie and Kiwis. Team strength can vary depending on the economy as its mainly expats who play but the locals are emerging quickly. They have teams playing in the Master Worlds 40 and 50yo divisions. Depending on the level of team we form they will match. The style of hockey is a bit different as well - lots of jinking, some individual skills are amazing, and mostly play 3/3/4/1 format (no inners).  So expect the games to be a good hit out.

What level of hockey player do I need to be?

Given this is a friendly tour it opens it up for a range of abilities to join. The matches all be solid games so it recommended that you are match fit to enjoy the most of the experience. Better players will need to adapt. Great opportunity for less skilled players to experience international hockey in a friendly environment. The common thread is everyone looks for a bit a competition in their hockey and are match fit.

Do we need to hang out as a team or am I free to follow my own schedule?

Outside of the matches your time is your own. On the Saturday evening there will be a time set for those who wish to meet together at a pub for a few beers then possibly onto dinner. But nothing is mandatory that way. There is lots to explore in HK so recommend you plan an agenda before you arrive as some places such as Stanley Markets take a bit longer to get to compared to most things which are mostly close to train stations or tram stops. Informally grouping together to visit sites can also be a lot of fun and take some and make planning a bit easier.

What is the best way to get around in HK?

MTR (train) by far is the easiest and quickest way to get around. When you arrive at the airport buy an Octopus Card which can be used across trains, trams and busses (can also use at 7 eleven and other stores). The MTR is converting some stations to use credit cards as well. For matches at Happy Valley get the train to Causeway Bay Station then it is a 20 minute walk to the hockey pitch. The best way to and from the airport is using the Airport Express Although if travelling as a group of 4 then a taxi is probably cheaper and there are also busses to the airport which are a great alternative (just need to find a pick up point to get on) Taxis are available almost everywhere and are an economical way to get around and to get dropped at the exact location which can be more convenient that trying to find your way to certain places.

Can I play my normal position?

The aim is always to have people play in their normal positions. Hopefully it falls out naturally this way as the team is formed. Given these matches are friendlies (well at least until that white ball gets thrown out onto the pitch) then there may need to be some switch between positions.

How many Subs are there playing?

With 3 matches and a one day break between each the squad as been set at 16 players.  This gives 5 subs each game unless there are two goalkeepers.

What happens if I get injured?

By participating in this Masters Friendly Hockey Tour you acknowledge that involvement is entirely voluntary. Travel insurance which covers injury is highly recommended. HK has excellent medical and dental but it can get expensive if seriously injured somehow.

When is it certain this tour to HK will go ahead as planned?

A go-no-go decision date has been set for Wednesday 31st July. The only likely reason for the tour to be cancelled would be because of lack of interest ie. full team not available. An alternative may be to adjust the playing format to Sixes where less players are required. HK have been hosting international Sixes tournaments and their summer season comp is based on sixes as well. So its recommended holding off on finalising travel bookings until we know there is a full team (hopefully well before the 31st July so people can take into the cheapest travel options).

Why is the team called the Wanderers?

Wanderers fit with a squad of players just wandering off overseas for a friendly....this time its Hong Kong...just get your own way to the games, in any fashion you choose, an hour before the start is the mantra. If this HK tour is a success then maybe we can wander off again next year to some other country for the next friendly.

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