Linq HR
Australian Employment Specialists
  • We believe skilful and knowledgeable people and work teams grow GREAT COMPANIES and a BETTER WORLD

Linq HR's experience is derived from working in business HR /P&C roles locally and internationally.

We understand the Australian and many of the APAC HR marketplaces. We share this expertise with our Clients and Candidates.

For our clients supported with our ongoing Employment Workplace  support we source their future talent and build high performing teams. Industries include FMCG, Supply Chain Logistics, ICT (Software and Hardware), Telecoms, and Start-ups

What is the meaning in your work?

Having purpose and meaning in your work is critical to being your best.

Being on the pathway to achieve your purpose involves your activities, focus, and the part you play each day.

Linq HR is committed to assisting employees work towards maximising their purpose and meaning. 

This doesn't mean you want to be the CEO, it can just mean you want to give your best each day in an organisation where you can be your best.