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When you need an External Investigator

02.03.22 09:13 AM By Linq HR

Australian workplaces are subject to some of the most complex and comprehensive laws in the world. This is evidenced by the significant increase in workplace specialist lawyers available to represent either employers or employees.

There are multiple generations of workers working together in the same workplaces who all have varying views on workplace expectations and values. But regardless of their differences must all find ways to work effectively together for a common purpose.

If you are an employer and receive a workplace complaint, whether it is formal or informal, you will likely need to or be obliged to investigate and respond in a timely manner. To achieve or maintain an engaged and motivated workforce it is in an organisation's interest to investigate all complaints.

Complaints can range and may include discrimination, harassment, bullying, misconduct, theft, public misuse of social media, or being overlooked for a promotion.  Sometimes they can be complex and involve more than one type of complaint. They can come from or be about any level within the organisation from the shop floor to the C-Suite.

Many workplaces are losing the ability to keep pace with the myriad of workplace laws which can be the basis of a complaint and their responsibilities under those laws to respond. They may be time poor and struggle to properly investigate complaints or just shrug them off hoping they simply go away. They may lack the internal expertise to properly investigate and decide a proper response towards resolving the complaint.

This is where engaging a professional independent Workplace Investigator can assist. Such an investigator must be knowledgeable of workplace laws in relation to complaints, act impartially and expeditiously, be able to identify the underlying causes which led to the complaint if possible, and be able to formally report including recommendations with a view of resolving the situation.

If your organisation needs to find an Independent Workplace Investigator to assist with a complaint then Linq HR Brokers can assist by understanding the nature of your complaint and matching the right investigator. Call us for more information at 1300234566.