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Benefits of Online Learning in the Workplace

04.05.21 04:00 PM By Linq HR

“Change” is inevitable, and as people we are often reluctant and fear to change. This is also the reason for many of the accomplishments made in this world. The world is continuously changing, so as technology, businesses and learning. 

We are living in an era where learning is transforming into digital learning. 

Online learning has set its trend in the contemporary business world. Despite being busy, it is paramount to focus on the productivity of employees as well.

As a HR professional or business leader with responsibilities for employee development, you may have adopted various methods to enhance the productivity of your organisation. Are you aware that online learning has become a more practical and convenient option for employees to acquire new skills, knowledge and be more competitive in the era of post-COVID-19?

The skills you previously used may no longer be as relevant to operate effectively in the new normal of post-COVID-19 world. The advancement of technology has brought online learning to your fingertips and is beneficial for employees and the workplace. 

According to SHRM, a recent survey has found that 74% of global respondents trust developing new skill sets are crucial for organisations to face the new normal of the post-COVID-19 era. Thus, let’s look at how you will benefit from using contemporary online learning in the workplace.

Variety of Choices

Online learning has opened up an array of choices for you. You are no longer required to settle for locally delivered courses or trainers. Through online learning you can access  world class courses, trainers and speakers to train your employees. 

Using the most appropriate course or trainer is crucial for the learning and development of  employees. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many employees to work remotely. Thus, providing a world class learning experience will enable them to be more knowledgeable, productive and innovative. Further, it motivates, enhances confidence and loyalty in the long run.

Targeted Audiences

Online training can target certain employee groups or individuals. No longer do employees need to sit through face-to-face training sessions which has little relevance to themselves. Groups can include specific functions such as production, trading, sales or even HR delivering training online specific to them. Even the entire organisation can be considered a group for widespread compliance or safety type training. In a similar way employees on a specific site, such as remote mining sites or sites in different cities, could be the subject of site-specific training.

Cost Reduction

Cost reduction is another benefit which can be gained through online learning. You can train your entire team through one recorded lecture. Accordingly, your organisation can save travelling costs, meals, payments for each training session in different locations. 


With online training you do not have to wait until your trainer’s calendar is vacant; instead, you may be able to record training sessions and use them for all employees at once. Moreover, the employees will receive the opportunity to skip the topics they already know and select the topics to fill the gaps in their knowledge and skills. 

Remember, no matter how good your learning and development programs are, you must make sure to get your employees trained as soon as possible. Thus, implementing incentives for course completion in good time is advantageous for the organisation as well as the employees. Besides, allocating a few working hours per week for online learning is also beneficial and; employees will then can balance the time for working and learning.

Flexibility and Convenience

Online learning can commence with one click of a button, hence very convenient as employees are prevented from travelling from one location to another to learn. Moreover, online training programs offer greater flexibility and customisation. Thus, it creates unique content according to the requirements, culture and people of the organisation.

In addition, these learning sessions provide the opportunity to collaborate and engage with diverse communities around the globe to share and gain new knowledge. Subsequently, your teams can thrive in the competitive digital world of the modern business environment.


Certain trainings need to be verified as delivered and understood. Online training modules can include a competency based assessment of the training content as well as its timing. Verifying the individual of that training online is more difficult and often still requires physical identity verification to ensure the right person completed the training for compliance.

Although organisations are currently moving towards higher usage of online learning methods, some HR professionals may argue that online learning is not suitable for every occasion. This remains true in some instances, for example where live face-to-face discussions with an experienced trainer are necessary to demonstrate a skill. 

Therefore, analysing the exact training needs is a must for HR professionals whist recognising that online learning can be highly beneficial and effective when used appropriately.

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