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Linq HR's Second Anniversary

17.05.22 10:26 AM By Linq HR

As Linq HR passes by its second year anniversary we wish to send out our sincere thanks to our early adopter Clients and HR Vendors who quickly believed in us and backed us from the start.

As the Linq HR door opened during March 2020 the country entered widespread lockdowns due to the Covid outbreak.

This tested our conviction, but we knew assisting HR teams and businesses search and find the right HR Vendors was something which could be valued.

Pioneering meant our start wasn't perfect. The open and honest feedback we received from many along our journey has helped us continually improve and adjust.

Soon we move into our first office in South Yarra, and look forward to continuing our journey and expanding our service portfolio to fill the needs of our colleagues within the HR/P&C profession and the businesses they serve.

Using our experience in the HR marketplace we can save you valuable time finding the right HR vendor for your organisation.

If you’re thinking of searching for a new HR vendor, just reach out to us by calling 1300 234 566.