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Benefits of Formally Re-inducting Employees

23.06.21 03:59 PM By Linq HR

Providing new employees to the organisation with an effective induction or onboarding program is something that many companies seem to have focussed on and improved over time. Programs can run from a couple of hours to many days, and include an online pre-start component.

The enduring effects of a great onboarding program can be many including a positive first impression of the company and an effective transition into the workplace. Many companies include various items within their onboarding programs such as; employee payroll and administration information, setting expectations around company policy and procedures, safety and environment, introduction of key people, initial job training, introduction to work area, and access to and setup of devices and systems. It can also be the start of a mentoring onboard program.

But over time many of the items included in an employees initial onboarding program can change. Changes can be in the form of restructured departments, key staff, company and HR policies and procedures, system upgrades, company directions and safety practices plus much more.

So developing a formal re-induction for employees, often grouped by years of service, can be worthwhile and effective. It can be a time to reinforce company values and culture, and share the company's vision and future plans. It can also be beneficial to have an informal social activity to finish the program and allow employees from different functions or divisions to meet and mingle, which probably couldn’t occur everyday without bringing employees formally together.

If it's not possible for people to gather in person for classroom based training, then an online learning version could be used to reach employees across many sites and be a cost effective way of updating. This training could also include an online testing component if compliance updates need to be recorded.

It takes considerable investment to formally re-induct employees and companies should consider the overall benefits of grouping employees based on years of service and rolling out the latest information. The effectiveness of this can be tracked over time by comparing the number of employees who stay. Many companies may find most employees in the 0-3 years of service leave compared to longer serving employees. So a re-induction within 3 years may assist with reconnecting employees and change their minds about leaving. The value of this could also be extended significantly if the company could capture feedback from employees and identify improvements for individuals and across the business.

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