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Early Departure Policy for Taylor Swift Concert Enthusiasts

16.02.24 06:03 PM By Linq HR

Dear [Company] Team, 

RE: Early Departure Policy for Taylor Swift Concert Enthusiasts

In our ongoing commitment to fostering a positive and harmonious work environment, we recognise that life is filled with exciting opportunities, including planned events like the much anticipated Taylor Swift concerts. 

As a company, we emphasise the importance of being nimble and responsive to all major events, acknowledging the diverse interests and passions that make our team unique. 

To celebrate the joy of such occasions, here is a lighthearted policy for those special times when you plan to attend a Taylor Swift concert, allowing you to seamlessly balance work commitments with personal enjoyment.

Policy Highlights:

  1. Taylor Time off: Should you be lucky enough to find yourself in possession of tickets to a Taylor Swift concert, we encourage you to take advantage of our "Taylor Time off." Simply notify your supervisor in advance, and you'll be free to immerse yourself in the experience without the burden of work obligations

  2. SwiftSwap Protocol: In the spirit of camaraderie, consider the "SwiftSwap." If you plan to attend a Taylor Swift concert, find a willing colleague to cover for you. This ensures that work responsibilities are seamlessly handed over, fostering teamwork and mutual support.

  3. Red Lipstick Reimbursement: As a token of our support, we offer a one time "Red Lipstick Reimbursement" for those wanting to channel their inner Swiftie. Keep those lips bold and vibrant – just like your enthusiasm for Taylor's tunes.

  4. Swift Return Commitment: We understand the importance of swift returns to the workplace. Employees attending Taylor Swift concerts are encouraged to make it back promptly for their next scheduled start time. The concert may be over, but the work groove continues!

Remember, the key is open communication and mutual respect for each other's passions. After all, we want our workplace to be as dynamic and exciting as a Taylor Swift concert!

(This policy is intended for humour and employee morale boost, please ensure that any actual leave requests follow standard procedures)

Kind regards,

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