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What next for your HR Tech?

10.03.23 03:25 PM By Linq HR

The ultimate HR Tech stack would probably be a single system (or function like a single system), cater for all HR functions from Talent Acquisition through to Workforce Planning and Efficiencies, provide for all workforce types including the needs of remote workers, and maybe even extend to workplace layout and flexible office scheduling. It would be easily populated, intuitive to navigate and easy to find information at the touch of a button, show an organisational structure which is reflective of the actual organisation and generate amazing reports. People want to use the HR system on a daily basis. 

The reality is that most organisations have multiple HR systems requiring multiple login’s and the HR tech stack can be very confusing  There are manual data transfers or close monitoring of the data transferred between systems electronically to prevent inaccuracies. Is strong in some functions such as Payroll,  Talent Acquisition or Employee Experience but light across all other functions. Requires additional systems to be added if you wish to extend into something like Employee Listening or Online Learning. Hard to judge whether the systems altogether are truly adding value. Multiple subscriptions to manage.

Then add into the mix business cycles. If we enter a period of economic headwinds then the emphasis of the HR System may change, for example, from Succession Planning to Workforce Efficiency if budgets and headcounts get tighter. 

Now add new technological innovations such as AI. As AI evolves one thing is almost for certain is that it will be able to analyse and present information from large and complex data pools - nearly all of which every organisation has across its multiple HR systems. Using it to improve workforce planning and increase workforce efficiencies would be an advantage from AI.

So the future direction of your HR tech is likely, at a minimum, to be influenced by the need for a system which acts as one (preferably with a single login for each user), can operate deeply within and across all the HR functions important for business such as Talent Acquisition and Mental Wellbeing, acts and draws on intelligent analytics and outputs to maximise the management of the workforce.

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