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What is an Employer of Record and their Benefits?

19.01.23 11:41 AM By Linq HR

An Employer of Record (EOR)  is a relatively new and growing concept. 

It comprises of a vendor company which has already set up legal employing entities across multiple countries which allows you to hire staff in those countries. 

An EOR provides the infrastructure for companies to hire contractors and employees rather than going through the complex process of incorporating their own entities in new countries when first entering.

The benefits are almost instantaneous if looking to solve a talent shortage by tapping into a global talent pool, test new markets and local staff before expanding there permanently, diversifying your workforce, supporting current employees who wish to work from their home country,  or providing follow-the-sun customer service. 

It is possible to have on a single platform visibility of your global workforce including gross and net employment costs. Some EOR's can provide or facilitate local hiring and HR advice.

Not all EOR providers are the same and have different technology platforms, employment frameworks and approaches. 

Linq HR can assist you source the right EOR organisation to suit your organisation. 

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