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Procurement of Human Resources Services

25.08.21 02:11 PM By Linq HR

The Human Resources marketplace continues to grow as businesses rely more upon their expertise and services.

External HR partners deliver specialised services which can’t be delivered from within an organisation efficiently. They allow flexibility by tapping into HR services only when they are required and derive benefits from the expertise HR partners gain from across various companies. Internal staff can focus on managing the business more proactively when effective HR service providers are in place.

HR Departments and business leaders are continually tasked with finding new HR partners to satisfy a wide range of needs. These needs can include finding new staff, managing and upskilling the workforce, keeping employees safe at work, paying and administering employees, relocating employees, surveying levels of employee engagement, providing confidential counselling, medical testing, workplace legal advice and defence, working visa assistance just to list a few.

Large companies can have a fairly prescriptive procurement process which is similar across all departments. This includes analysing requirements, preparing formal documentation for potential supplier responses, ability to negotiate and finalise contracts, and performance management. The process can at times feel slow and cumbersome and upfront can lack specific knowledge of the HR marketplace even when HR and Purchasing departments collaborate closely together.

Smaller companies can tend to focus more towards jumping in and searching for potential suppliers and then talking with them about their requirements and possible solutions. HR market knowledge is often gained from the suppliers themselves who are pitching for their business.  The effects of performance are often felt quickly within the business. 

Knowledge of proper HR service benchmarks, performance expectations and pricing comparisons may be limited depending on the level of expertise held within the organisation.  HR professionals are busy focusing internally on employees and often lack the time needed to keep abreast of the fast moving HR marketplace. Purchasing professionals are often tasked with a wide range of purchasing activities mainly focussed on core operational business needs and very few seem to have specific HR market knowledge and expertise.

Linq HR specialises in assisting HR professionals and business leaders plan, source,  engage, and monitor new HR service providers. They do this by being continually active across the HR marketplace and independently assessing HR suppliers. This can shorten considerably the time spent by HR departments and business leaders in finding and effectively engaging new HR suppliers. 

So next time you decide to look for a new HR service provider then call Linq HR for assistance at 1300234566 or complete an online enquiry form and a Linq HR Broker will contact you.