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Receiving Feedback at Work

01.09.23 02:14 PM By Linq HR

There are generally two ways feedback is received at work - either you openly seek it or it is given to you anyhow formally or informally.

Being open to receiving feedback means you can improve against personal goals. Receiving regular updates on how you are perceived can help improve your self awareness and develop a feel for how others around you are thinking and give you a chance to adjust if you feel the need. It can be the easiest way emotionally as you have already developed a personal feedback mind-set and are anticipating receiving other people's comments and observations.

On the other hand, when feedback is given formally or informally it can be welcomed, or maybe put you straight on the defensive. So how can you become more receptive to receiving feedback? Well first, take time to listen to the feedback before responding, even if you disagree - not necessarily easy. Understand the context in which the feedback is being given. Seek clarification where you don’t understand. Be thankful for positive feedback and ask for thoughts or examples around ways you can improve if the feedback is more about areas for improvement. 

To be successful at work everybody needs to receive constructive feedback, formally or informally. Seek constant feedback from people you trust and respect.

Remember the way you react to feedback can override the feedback messages themself. So be self aware about how you respond, keep the discussion factual and professional, particularly when you disagree or don’t respect or trust the person delivering the feedback. Enjoy the times of positive feedback.

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