Benefits of Writing a Position Description

06.10.23 02:03 PM By Linq HR

Writing a position description is an important step in defining roles and also in the hiring process. 

It’s a document that outlines the reporting relationship, objectives, key responsibilities, skills, and expectations of a specific role. 

It can help clarify the expectations of both employers and employees, and to select the most suitable candidates. 

Here are some advantages of writing a position description:

  • It helps to define the purpose and scope of the role, and how it fits into the organisation’s structure and goals. This can create motivation and alignment for the employee, and ensure that the activities and tasks necessary for the success of the business are covered by one role or another 1.
  • It provides a clear reference point for measuring and evaluating the employee’s performance, and identifying areas for improvement or development. It also forms the basis for appraisals, feedback, and recognition 1 2.
  • It enables a fair and consistent pay and grading system, based on the skills, experience, qualifications, and responsibilities required for the role 1 2.
  • It reduces the risk of disputes and conflicts, by providing a neutral and authoritative source of information about the role. It can also help to resolve any queries or issues that may arise during the employment relationship 1 3.
  • It facilitates the recruitment process, by providing a clear and concise overview of the role, and the ideal candidate profile. It can help to write effective job ads, design relevant interview questions, and assess candidates’ suitability 1 4.

It’s important for both the supervisor and employee to agree on the final position description. This is more so important when people are working remote.

Completing position descriptions for roles within your organisation can seem like a tedious or unnecessary task but overall they benefit employees with a clearer understanding of their role and provide structure for the employer. 

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