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Is HR Losing Its Independence?
In today's corporate landscape, Human Resources/People and Culture (HRPC) departments play a pivotal role in ensuring organisational success by managing a wide range of activities including employee relations, recruitment, compensation, business changes, and compliance etc. However, recent discourse...
12.04.24 12:06 PM - Comment(s)
Addressing the Biggest Criticisms Against Human Resources
While criticisms against HR are not uncommon, they present opportunities for growth and improvement.
28.03.24 10:00 AM - Comment(s)
Career Transitions: Moving Across Industries as a HR/PC Professional
One of the strengths of a career in HR is its versatility. HR professionals possess transferable skills that allow them to transition seamlessly across industries.
27.03.24 11:32 AM - Comment(s)
Tips on Managing a Remote and Geographically Dispersed Team across Different Countries
Managing a remote and geographically dispersed team across different countries is a unique challenge that requires careful planning and effective communication.
20.03.24 09:35 AM - Comment(s)
What is the Role and Benefits of a Human Resources Broker?
A Human Resources Broker (HRB) acts as an intermediary between businesses seeking HR services and products, and the providers of these services and products. This role is particularly valuable in navigating the complex and div...
13.03.24 10:15 AM - Comment(s)
Four Ways to Elevate Your Human Resources/People and Culture Skills for Enhanced Organisational Success

In the ever evolving landscape of Human Resources / People and Culture (HRPC), the focus extends beyond internal processes to delivering exceptional service that directly impact leadership, employees, and consequently customers. Elev...
05.03.24 12:54 PM - Comment(s)
What can Companies Strategically take forward as Learnings from the Covid Pandemic
Companies can strategically leverage learnings from the COVID 19 pandemic to enhance their operations, foster resilience, and create a more adaptable and employee centric environment
29.02.24 09:47 AM - Comment(s)
Early Departure Policy for Taylor Swift Concert Enthusiasts
A lighthearted policy for those special times when you plan to attend a Taylor Swift concert, allowing you to seamlessly balance work commitments with personal enjoyment.
16.02.24 06:03 PM - Comment(s)
Unlocking Success: Effective Engagement with Your Human Resources /People Department
In the dynamic landscape of today's business world, fostering a strong connection with your Human Resources / People (HRP) department is paramount for organisational success.
16.02.24 12:16 PM - Comment(s)
Navigating the Shifting Landscape of Human Resources/People and Culture: Key Trends in 2024
As we step further into 2024, several major themes are shaping the HR landscape, influencing everything from talent management to organisational culture.
15.02.24 01:02 PM - Comment(s)